Arrival Instructions

Thank you for joining the Keela Yoga Farm experience! We are very excited to have you and appreciate you choosing to spend your time with us. Please print this page off to make your travel here and your stay much easier. If you have any questions ask in the comment box below or send us an email.

Getting here

You can either drive to us directly, or take a bus or train to Fundao. If coming by public transport, we can pick you up at the bus/train station on designated start dates for 5 EUR, please send us your arrival time. Please pay us 10 EUR extra on arrival day to cover collection and drop off when you leave.

By air:

The nearest airports are Lisbon or Porto.

Getting to Fundao from Lisbon:

By train- Get the fast train at 13.32 from Oriente

By bus:

Getting to Fundao from Porto: 

When booking a bus, the destination is Fundao.

By bus:

Getting to us from other origins:

There are also buses/coaches that come through Spain and other parts of Portugal. Check out routes and prices on this useful website:

You can hitchhike safely with Bla Bla Car, and contribute to the petrol:

Please make sure you inform us of your journey plans! Have a good journey 🙂

General Schedule 5 days per week (Subject to change depending on courses and seasons)

  • 6.30am-7.30am – Yoga
  • 7.30am Breakfast
  • 8.30-10am- Daily tasks
  • 10-10.15am – Tea break
  • 10.15-12pm – Daily tasks
  • 12-1pm – Lunch and break
  • 1-3.15pm – Daily tasks/personal project time
  • 5.00pm-6pm – Optional Permaculture (such as solar power) or food talk (such as fermentation) on some days
  • 6.00pm-7.00pm – Yoga Class or Permaculture talk
  • 7.30pm – Dinner

Need more spare time and come on part retreat part volunteering basis?

We appreciate some people want to come and visit and need time off to look for land, work or relax. So we can now offer volunteers the afternoon off volunteering duties as well as exemption from morning breakfast and evening washup duties. For this you can join for 125EUR per week instead of the usual 55eur per week.

Community work day

Every other Saturday we go for a half day to help somewhere in the community, such as a loca small holding, large local farm, permaculture or yoga project

  • 7-8am breakfast
  • 8am leave for local farm or community or work on keela yoga farm community area
  • 9-1pm Community work
  • 1pm Lunch
  • Yoga will be held late afternoon or morning depending on schedule

Day Off

Everyone will have 1.5 days off each week to explore our land, the local area or sites. We can organise group outings to some of the amazing local sites, from Boom Lake, local festivals to Monsanto.

What to expect when you arrive

Please note that when we email you, we include email addresses of other guests who arrive on the same day. This is so you can coordinate with each other to perhaps travel together.

There are no ATMs nearby so please get cash before you arrive to pay for your stay, return petrol ride, tuck shop and any outings to local cafe.

When you arrive we will check you in, a resident will issue with bedding and show you to your tent, you will have time to settle in and have dinner together. The following morning (provided you arrived on a start day) we will take a half day tour of the property and you will have the rest of the day to get acquainted with the land and make yourself at home.

Emergency contact information

Please ensure you bring this with you as we will be collecting emergency contacts at registration.

What you to bring:

All of these items can be bought in Portugal, just let us know when you arrive and we can run you to the shop on the way

  • Towel
  • Shoes other than flip flops
  • Clothes you don’t mind getting torn or dirty, bring your worst clothes please, we live on a farm (we have loads of old clothes people have left you can boorow)
  • Torch – ideally a head torch with spare batteries. 
  • Yoga and workout clothing (we have yoga mats, but feel free to bring your own)
  • Slippers for house (its a clean no shoes house)
  • Tea/Coffee mug
  • Natural bio-degradable soaps and shampoo/conditioners and sunscreen- We sell these at Keela Yoga Farm
  • Water bottle – please something other than a plastic water bottle! Something fully reusable is definitely better
  • Any medical supplies
  • Any special food you like to eat
  • Gardening/building gloves – we have used ones for you, but you may want your own
  • A musical instrument if you can play one!
  • For Jan to March also :
    • It can be quite rainy from January to March, welly boots (rubber gum boots) can be handy to keep your feet nice and dry but we don’t have spares
    • Waterproof trousers and jacket (Jan-March)
    • Warm clothes- it is chilly here especially at night in the winter months. A good hoodie and hat are a great investment!


There will be a washing machine available for use on sunday days and a communal washing line. There is also a washing line by your tent but you will need your own clothes pegs for that


We provide 3 healthy vegetarian meals a day, if you have any special requirements, please both inform us by email before you come and remind kimberly on your arrival. If you like to snack then bring your snacks and we have a tuck shop with nuts and chocolates availible. If you like special teas or things to go with your porridge then bring these too. We do sometimes to outings to restaurants where they sell meat. We provide hot tea all day but coffee is limited to the morning only.


Portugal has a cafe culture where locals meet in cafe for coffee, beer or wine. You are free to walk, cycle there or join us when we go there for some evenings. The cafe is the hub of the community in the local village. In our village there are two cafes and we have made good friends with them both. Cafe Rolo is 50 meters nearer, has a shop, wifi and some of them speak english. It closes at 8.30 in the winter and 2am in the summer.  Please be respectful when going to the cafe and on Sundays please try to dress smarter if possible. If anyone asks who you are you can say your friends of Laurence and Kimberly.


We now have a small truck shop with chocolate, nuts, seeds, organic eco yoga mats, eco yoga blocks and organic soap and shampoo.

There is a shop in the village next to the cafe that is open Tuesday-Sunday until 8pm that sells most a variety of products from toothpaste to local cheese. The people that work in the shop and cafe are our friends and speak some English. You can enter the shop through the cafe/bar if the shop appears to be closed.

We visit the local market in the larger town once a week for shopping, if you are in need of something extra then please ask and we will get it for you.

Emergencies or hospital needs

If you are from the EU please make sure you have a health card (EHIC). It does not take long to get this online. You will need this and your passport for an appointment at the doctors, if you don’t have one it can cost you over 35 EUR plus more for prescription meds, so it is really worth getting. We also suggest that you take out travel insurance.

If you are not from the EU, please make sure you have travel insurance.

You are responsible for your own medical bills.

Community Living

You are living and sharing a space with a community of people. You are responsible for cleaning up after yourselves at all times. There will be rotas for washing up after meals and general cleaning around the community house. Please respect other people’s space, belongings and views. We aim to live in harmony! 🙂


We will have a computer you can use for accessing the internet on site. The cafe in the village also has wifi daily from 8.30am till 8pm in the winter and till 2am in the summer. You can also get a pay as you go MEO sim card from the airport so you have internet on your phone, this will cost you 3eur eur per week for 1GB or 4eur for 3per week for 3GB.


If you would like to offset your carbon footprint you can help us by purchasing trees or seed trays for the nursery. Please ask us when you get here and we can pick these up from the market. You can then plant them and make your own sign to go with them in your name or for a friend.

If you want to bring us anything we need arts and crafts, books, paint brushes, paint, seeds, old clothes for working, essential oils, superfoods, musical instruments, mugs, crockery and art.

Contact details:

mobile  +351 9601 88 968

skype: manchee82