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Yoga and Permaculture in Portugal
Laurence Manchee & Kimberly Wright

Keela is a vision of two passionate Yogis, Laurence and Kimberly Manchee who want to see a healthier, happier world through the practice of Yoga, sustainability and producing food. Whilst working in the rat race, Kimberly and Laurence always struggled to keep up their yoga practice, reduce their carbon footprint and to be as healthy and stress free as much as their hectic lives would allow them.

They have been teaching yoga, growing their own food, and travelling and learning wherever possible. After three years of planning, in early 2016 they travelled to Portugal with plans to buy a plot of land. After almost a year of travelling and volunteering, they have finally bought an 18 hectare magical plot of land in Mata Da Rainha, central Portugal.

Keela Yoga Farm is now a small community of like minded people, with 5 long term residence, 5 to 10 shorter term residents or volunteers.

First group of volunteers with high spirits even though it was cold and wet back in january!
First group of volunteers with high spirits even though it was cold and wet back in january!

If you want to find out what it is like to start a project like this from its inception then please do come and volunteer, we would appreciate your help. Alternatively you can donate towards our reforestation program or join our mailing list.

The land will be transformed into a self-sustainable yoga retreat and eco-farm. Using permaculture principles, they will turn agricultural land into a food forest which will enable them to grow a wide range of edibles, providing the kitchen with healthy organic ingredients. Keela are also reforesting a large part of their land. They will generate their own energy and build a beautiful yoga shala for daily yoga practice. Accommodation will be built for volunteers to come and experience sustainable collaborative living in a peaceful and natural setting. From 2018 guest yoga teachers will come to Keela to host yoga and wellness retreats and until then their will be daily yoga classes on the land for volunteers as well as public classes in the village. At this early stage, there are almost no facilities and accommodation is in a tent but there is healthy food, education, daily yoga and of course a lot of fun.

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