Natural Building Courses with Yoga in Portugal

What is Natural Building

Traditional building practices use natural materials that are available locally and for free, or if they are available, on your land. Present day building practices uses more metal and cement which are detrimental to the environment and are expensive. We want to use more traditional and natural materials with a focus on being climate responsive, that are designed for future uses. Climate responsive buildings will lean towards more contemporary designs. These techniques have a reduced fossil fuel energy input, cost considerably less and cause less damage to the environment than when building traditionally. Usually natural building will be constructed using techniques that will also have lower energy costs once built but may require more maintenance than traditional buildings. 

Next Course: Introduction to Natural Building and Sustainable Design 26th August – 2nd September 2017 (with optional free yoga or meditation)

This course will be run by experienced teacher Barbra Leite from the Mount of Oaks community.

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Making a clay, sand and rice husk mix for adobe bricks, Thailand

Making Adobe Bricks in Thailand
Making Adobe Bricks, Thailand

During 2017 we will be starting and completing the following projects:

  • Outdoor & Indoor Kitchen: Pizza Oven, rocket stove/oven, grill, cob bench, adobe brick making, natural mortar, wall building, plastering
  • Earthworks – lake/dam, swales, pipes, paths and ponds
  • Charcoal burner (box to make charcoal)
  • Building a small earthbag house
  • Building a log house
  • Building with car tyres and other recycled materials
  • Building a yurt and geo-dome
  • Water harvesting, grey water systems and filtration systems
  • Building animal systems: Chicken tractor, chicken pen, aquaponics system
  • Gardening, aquaponics, permaponics and establishing food forests
  • Forestry: Planting trees for windbreaks, shade, timber, fire wood, nuts and fruit
  • Toilet systems: Compost toilets. vermiculture septic tank, permaponics system, adobe brick making, natural mortar, wall building, plastering
Natural Building Earth Bag house Portugal
Natural Building Earth Bag House


Natural Building Portugal Straw bale
Straw bale wall
Pizza Oven
Building a portable pizza oven for festivals

What is included on the Natural Building courses:

  • Tools
  • Basic accommodation on site (feel free to bring your tent or campervan)
  • Three healthy meals per day
  • Experience community based living
  • Daily yoga and meditation classes 
  • Visit to local community or site

During the course we will also spend some time helping the local community with any projects, where needed. This will enable us to learn from experienced local farmers and it will also help to establish Keela within the local community.

Kimbo Sustainable Building
Kimberly Building a cob house in Argentina